Hi I’m Shivani Karwal and I’m the Founder of Digiologist, an eLearning platform providing digital marketing training to business owners through online video courses. I’m an online SEO instructor and create courses teaching people how to market their sites better online and earn more traffic and sales in the process. I’m also a marketing book author and recently published a book called the Digital Marketing Handbook.

I’ve done SEO for various top companies and have been in this industry for over 7 years now. My marketing tutorials on YouTube have received hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments. I not only possess valuable experience and knowledge of SEO, but I’m also a good teacher which I think is very important while creating courses. I’m constantly appreciated for being able to break down complex topics into easy to understand lessons by my students.

I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA – Marketing) and a Bachelors of Commerce(Accountancy) degrees and I am Google and Hubspot certified with the Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications and I’m currently working on getting my Google for Education Trainer Certification as well.

Check out my courses. I have free as well as paid ones and free preview lessons. So if you like what you see, enroll in a course today!

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