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Keyword Research

Technical SEO

Link Building

Competitor Analysis

SEO Errors

Local SEO

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Great course for beginners to intermediates SEO’s. I’ve completed lots, of course, ’s over the year but this one teaches SEO in a unique way and managed to demonstrate areas in SEO that other courses are scared to touch.
~ Omid Irani

This book is an incredible wealth of knowledge! Some of the information was a complete eye opener for me. It’s loaded with information with nice lists of industry tools, FAQ sections, how-to tutorials. This book was really informative and i’ll be using a lot of the learnings from it for my site.
~ Amazon Customer

I loved this course because the instructor made everything easy to follow. The lessons were well made and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand SEO. Just do it!
~ Juanita Abenaa

Great read! It was very insightful and had everything I needed to start my career in digital marketing. I highly recommend this handbook to anyone looking to increase their company’s online presence or looking to enter this exciting field.
~ Amazon Customer

Very informative course! One of the best I’ve taken. I love how it takes you from the extreme basics to more intermediate material very smoothly so anyone can take this course up. Highly recommend to anyone looking to build up their SEO skills beyond just the basics.
~ Rick Sharma

This book is awesome! Its easy to understand and makes SEO simple. It was the best choice I could have made. I’m new to the SEO world and I was looking for something that could help me understand the basics. I love this book and it has given me awesome foundation for my marketing career!
~ Amazon customer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digiologist?

Digiologist is an eLearning platform providing SEO training through online video courses and books.

Digiologist (noun) [digi-ol-uh-jist] ~ one who specializes in the study of digital marketing

How long is the course and book?

The course contains 52 video lessons and is 4.5 hours long. The book is 196 pages.

Do I need to buy the course and book together?

No. The book contains written lessons and basics that you can always go back to refer to and the course takes learning a step further through practical methods. We recommend both.

What is the difficulty level?

Both the course and book start from the basics and advance throughout. They are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate SEOs.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We’d never want you to be unhappy. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Is the course and book updated?

The course is continually updated but the book is not. You can always purchase the latest edition of the book when the next one comes out.

How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access to the course and will receive all updates. The book version you purchase won’t be updated but you can always look into the latest published version.

Got more questions? Contact: shivani@digiologist.com

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