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Search Engine Optimization Course

Learn Search Engine Optimization through easy to follow video tutorials to help your site rank better and improve traffic and sales.

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Stop trying to teach yourself SEO and learn it the smart way because SEO training just got easy!

Take this Search Engine Optimization course and create a winning SEO strategy: Increase your site rankings, traffic and sales!

This easy to follow SEO course contains 4.5 hours of content and 52 video lessons. It breaks down SEO into manageable chunks to make learning a lot easier and takes you from the very basics to more advanced material. So no matter what level you’re at, you can take this course.

This course gives you lifetime access to the content and is continually updated based on changes in Google algorithms so the content never goes out of date. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose!

So go ahead and enrol in this course and create a winning SEO plan for your business today!

See you in class!


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Course Curriculum

Setting Everything Up
Introduction to the Course 00:01:21
Introduction to the course curriculum and what you'll be learning.
Methods of Digital Marketing 00:03:31
The different methods and mediums of digital marketing such as SEO, Pay Per Click, Email, Content, Social Media etc available to use to market ones business.
How to Choose a Domain Name 00:03:30
What to keep in mind while choosing a domain name to make the right decision for your site.
Parts of a Website Address 00:05:23
What the different parts of a website are such as domain, TLD, subdomain, subdirectory and their importance.
How to Choose a TLD: Top Level Domain 00:03:10
The different TLD options available such as .com, .org, .net etc and which to choose.
Different CMS Options for Your Site: Content Management Systems 00:05:39
The different CMS options available such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc and the pro's and con's of each.
SEO Friendly Website Design and Layout Tips 00:05:10
Tips on having good, SEO friendly website design and layout that is also easy for your users to browse.
Useful WordPress Plugins for Your Site 00:03:28
Major Wordpress plugins that can improve your site performance and make site maintenance a lot easier.
SEO Basics
Introduction to SEO 00:01:21
Introduction to SEO>
Ranking Factors Google Considers While Crawling Your Site 00:07:18
The different ranking factors your rank depends on that you need to pay attention to.
Site Metrics: DA, PA, PR 00:05:30
What different site metrics like DA, PA and PR mean, why they're important and how they help you judge the quality of a site.
How to Check Site Metrics 00:05:21
How to check various site metrics like DA, PA, PR individually while browsing sites and in bulk to save time.
How to Create Search Strings for Targeted Searches 00:09:52
The basics of search operators and how to form and use search strings using search modifiers to perform targeted searches.
How to Create Multiple Search Modifiers for Advanced Searches 00:05:58
Creating advanced search strings using multiple search modifiers to perform more useful targeted searches.
On-Page SEO
Introduction to On-Page SEO 00:01:06
Introduction to on-page SEO.
SEO Friendly Site Structure: Do’s and Don’ts 00:05:41
What to do and not to do to have a good SEO friendly site structure.
How to Create a Sitemap 00:04:32
How to create and submit a sitemap to Google for faster and easier indexing by search crawlers.
How to Create a Robots.txt File 00:04:39
How to create a robots.txt file to exclude some of your site pages from being crawled and indexed by search crawlers.
Finding Site Errors and How to Use Redirects: 301s, 302s, 404s 00:04:09
How to find 404 errors and redirect them to other pages to prevent lost traffic bounces.
Keyword Research: Introduction 00:05:28
An introduction to keyword research.
Keyword Research: In-Depth Demonstration 00:18:05
Step by step instructions on performing keyword research for your site so you target the correct keywords that are most beneficial for your site and can bring in the more and relevant traffic.
Optimizing On-Page SEO Elements 00:07:38
The different places on your pages you should be inserting your keywords for on-page SEO.
Off-Page SEO: Link Building
Introduction to Off-Page SEO 00:00:59
Introduction to off-page SEO.
100+ Link Building Strategy Ideas: Part 1 (Idea #1 to Idea #30) 00:16:31
Part 1 of the list of 100+ link building ideas you can implement on your site for building your backlink profile.
100+ Link Building Strategy Ideas: Part 2 (Idea #31 to Idea #60) 00:15:52
Part 2 of the list of 100+ link building ideas you can implement on your site for building your backlink profile.
100+ Link Building Strategy Ideas: Part 3 (Idea #61 to Idea #128) 00:08:43
Part 3 of the list of 100+ link building ideas you can implement on your site for building your backlink profile.
Link Earning Ideas 00:07:15
Strategies to help you earn links automatically instead of building them.
Anchor Text Usage While Building Links 00:06:40
The types of anchor text you can use, what to use, when to use and the do's and don't of anchor text.
Nofollow Links vs Dofollow Links 00:03:01
Different between nofollow and dofollow links, how to check follow status and how to have a good mixed profile of link status'.
What a Good Link Looks Like 00:00:54
Criteria that make a good link and what features to look for in a link opportunity while link building so you can build high quality links.
Creating and Using Search Strings to Find Link Opportunities 00:06:47
How to create search strings to help find link building opportunities like guest posts, resources, unlinked brand mentions faster and easier.
Guest Posting Tutorial 00:19:59
Step by step instructions on how to build backlinks through guest posting.
Unlinked Brand Mentions Tutorial 00:06:48
Step by step instructions on how to build backlinks through unlinked brand mentions i.e. sites mentioning your company but not linking back to you.
Resource Link Building Tutorial 00:10:27
Step by step instructions on how to build backlinks through resource link building.
Competitor Backlink Analysis Tutorial 00:03:23
Step by step instructions on how to find your competitors backlinks, sort through them and gain them for your site as well.
Internal Linking Tutorial 00:04:11
Step by step instructions on how to build internal links and have a better internal linking structure for your site.
Roundup Posts Tutorial 00:03:56
The different methods of creating round up articles that help you build industry contacts and gain more social shares.
Using Expired Domains & Shut Down Businesses for Link Building 00:03:29
How to use the backlinks of expired domains and shut down business to your advantage for your own link building.
Reclaiming Links to Social Profiles and 404s 00:03:34
How to find and reclaim links from sites that only point to your social profiles and not your website.
Conduct Reverse Image Searches: Find Sites Using Your Images Without Permission 00:02:26
How to find sites using your images without your permission and contact them for a link as the source.
PR Commenting for Getting Media Mentions 00:00:00
How to get in touch with journalists that need your expertise and get mentioned in popular media sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Wallstreet Journal etc.
Q and A Sites and Forum Link Building 00:00:00
How to build links on question and answer sites and forums.
Directory and Submission Site Link Building 00:00:00
How to build links on online directories and submission sites.
Conducting Automated Customized Bulk Outreach for Link Requests 00:03:14
How to automate the outreach process for link building and send mass customized emails.
Recording Links Built Properly and Getting Notified of Links Deleted/Removed 00:01:01
How to record links such that you're notified each time a backlink you built goes down or is deleted.
Local SEO
Introduction to Local SEO 00:01:59
Introduction to local SEO.
Setting up Your Google My Business Page 00:00:50
How to set up your Google My Business page for ranking in local search results.
Location Targeted On-Site Optimization and Getting Local Links 00:00:00
How to gain local backlinks and optimize your site with location targeted keywords with location modifiers.
Formatting Your NAP for Citation Building 00:03:12
How to correctly make and format your NAP for citation building to boost your local SEO.
Finding Sites to Build Citations On 00:02:32
How to find sites to build citations on manually and through an automated process.
Getting Google Plus Reviews 00:00:00
How to gain reviews for your business on Google+.
Wrap Up 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Moin Sheikh

    I learned alot of fresh ideas through these videos. Very useful. You are an amazing instructor with great insights!

  2. Profile photo of David Gunner

    The instructor Shivani is very well spoken, very clear and concise. She goes in to great detail explaining the concepts. The videos are great in both content and quality. I would highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to learn some SEO.

  3. Profile photo of Ezekiel Sokoh

    Great course. I learned a lot about seo, on-page, off-page, keyword research. This course covers everything in SEO. Totally worth my time and investment.

  4. Profile photo of Omid Irani

    Great course for beginners to intermediates SEO’s. I’ve completed lots of course’s over the years but this course manages to demonstrate SEO in a unique way and managed to demonstrate areas in SEO’s that other courses are scared to touch.

  5. Profile photo of Robert Smith

    Focused, organized, content rich and moves at excellent pace ! Very engaging !

  6. Profile photo of Rick Sharma

    Very informative course! One of the best SEO courses I’ve seen here. I love how it takes you from the extreme basics to more intermediate material very smoothly so anyone can take this course up. Highly recommend to anyone looking to build up their SEO skills beyond just the basics.

  7. Profile photo of Bernard May

    Lots of info packed into this course!

  8. Profile photo of Samuel Miller

    Well done. You have created very informative tutorial.

  9. Profile photo of Sodi Adeyanju

    The course had great information with quality delivery.

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